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The Young Scholars Fund Inc.
Guide for Schools

Our program is designed to work in partnership with elementary schools with grades from K through at least 5.

If you would like to create a Young Scholars Program at your school, we (The Young Scholars Fund Inc.) will enter into an agreement with the school, laying out the school’s responsibilities and those of the Fund.  Here’s the general idea:

1.    Each year the school selection committee will select the scholars that meet the criteria we have agreed upon and announce the winners at a school assembly

2.    We will set aside the money for the scholarships and for each scholar we’ll assign a mentor, who will stay in touch with the scholar throughout the school years. The money will become available when the scholar enrolls in a college.

3.    The school will organize a Scholars Club with a faculty or staff advisor. The Club will plan field trips and community service or other activities and projects for the Scholars that the school considers worthwhile. Mentors may attend some of those trips or meetings as the school and the mentors consider it appropriate.

That’s the general idea. These and other details will be worked out when we meet with the school to create the agreement. We’ll certainly work hard to create a program at your school that works for everybody.