Untitled-3It’s never too early to envision a future…

Here’s what you can do to support a scholar in our Young Scholars Program:

  1. Annually

Near the end of school each year you will communicate to your scholar the current value of the scholarship and collect from your scholar updated contact information and school report cards. You and The Board of Directors maintain this information to monitor the scholar’s progress through school.

  1. During the year: Ways to connect with your scholar, as your time permits

Attend scholar club meetings at school, go on field trips with them, attend the annual picnic for scholars and families, have lunch with your scholar at school

Once scholars leave elementary school, you may wish to arrange with their families something you can do with them: go out for ice cream, attend one of their athletic games, visit a museum.

  1. There are several ways for you and your scholar to get to know each other

You can each read the same book and share your thoughts about it. You and your scholar might pick the book together.

In an exchange of letters, or over lunch, invite your scholar to share with you information about your respective backgrounds. Respecting privacy boundaries, of course.

If there’s a drop in academic performance, or a school or home problem arises, we encourage you to consult with us. We will help you identify school and community resources to which scholars and their families can turn for help.

You can also inform your scholar about various enrichment programs during vacations and summers. We’ll try to keep you informed of as many as we can.

As scholars come closer to college age, you can offer help as your scholar navigates the application process, makes school visitations and files financial aid forms.

This is a great opportunity to help shape a future.  It means taking an interest in a child who has demonstrated potential and helping that child turn potential into a bright future. Let’s do this together.